Patient Testimonials

Let our patients tell you about their experience

I’m working with a natural path doctor on a heavy-metal cleanse and she recommended getting Colonics. I did six colonics within 10 weeks as scheduled from my doctor. And even though my cleanse is done I’m going to continue coming in at least once a month for maintenance!

– Melissa

You never know you’re fulll of Crap till you’re not full of Crap!! lol Thanks Tonya for all you do!

– Happy Client

I travel almost 1 hour to get to Aria Wellness, there’s not a colonic place where I live. I like the open system. Which Aria Wellness has. Tonya is so great, knowing I come a long way she always works with my schedule and makes sure I get the time slot I need.

– Angie M.

I went because i was in distress, Now i go for maintenance!

– Jack

I scheduled an appointment with her at Aria Wellness as one of my Pre Wedding day events. Trying to fit in my dress lol, after my treatment I felt amazing. I’m going to continue after my honeymoon. Just felt overall good!

– Alyssa

I love this place, i go in once a month (unless i need more) for what Tonya calls the “Whole detox package” I do the Biomat with castor oil packs and digestive oils. Then she puts the Biobelt over my belly and turns off the light, puts on some meditation music and im off to La La Land. I feel so recharged! Love it.

– Kendra L.

I go in every other week to use the Biomat and Castor oil treatment. The bed is so warm and comforting lighting with soft music. I look soooo forward to it. She has the room so soothing and i get so relaxed i go straight to sleep. Its my little get away while healing.

– Tamara B.

I was happy I found Tonya, you never know how awful you are feeling till you aren’t! Monthly standing appointment!

– Hillary S.

I was nervous and kept putting this off. I would reschedule week after week. Now i look forward to my appointment!

– Becky

I was referred to Tonya from my naturopathic doctor, Ive been dealing with mold toxicity amongst other issues. Just overall fatigue. It was recommended i do a series of 5 from my doctor so i made the appointment. It was a blessing. Im feeling much better. Even after my series is over i plan on buying more. I just feel this is going to be a part of my life for maintenance. I never want to let things get as bad as they were again. Thanks Tonya for being so patent with me.

– Lucy

Tonya’s services helped me to “go more.” My all around health is better I love the professional and private atmosphere. Thanks Tonya!

– Nicky

I feel a lot better than I have in a long time. I am 57 and haven’t felt this good in years.

– Liz L.

I’m 27 years old fitness trainer. I’ve had issues with this for years, doing this just helps me feel normal. One less thing I have to worry about.

– Jamie

Aria Wellness colon hydrotherapy has improved my everyday life! I actually have energy! My skin started glowing and I feel just all around better, mentally and physically. (Diagnosed with systemic candida.) I cannot thank Aria enough for helping me so much and for being such a compassionate person.

– Jamie

Tonya has changed my life. I feel and look 100% better and my attitude has improved by leaps and bounds. She is very knowledgeable about her field. She is very genuine and she is a blessing.

– Whitney K.

I have been using colon hydrotherapy for about eight weeks and it is just amazing how much better I feel overall. I sleep better, have a great deal of energy when I wake, and have regular bowel movements without medicine. I would recommend this type of treatment to anyone looking for better health in general.

– J. M.

Aria Wellness brings a great feeling of cleanliness throughout the body. Apparently, it has also helped my skin issues and my overall wellbeing. Thanks for the attention and care that is given by Tonya!

– Jim

I LOVE doing colon cleansing at Aria! Tonya is a top notch professional–very knowledgeable! The process is easy, painless, affordable, and effective. It has helped me get over a bad URI (upper respiratory infection), plus I feel so good afterward. How can I not feel wonderful after ridding my body of toxic, disease-causing material? This is a therapy for long-term good health in body and spirit.

– Luz

Aria Wellness was remarkable! My first experience was gentle and comfortable and I felt lighter and brighter after the experience. It was definitely a first step on the road to revitalization and renewal. Thanks, Tonya ! I look forward to regular cleansing in the future.

– Tom

I get my weekly massage after my week of working out. I do that because as i get older i can’t seem to shake how sore i feel. I normally use Aria Wellness for my Colonics but Tonya talked to me about using her Infrared Sauna bag both to help with the colonics and detoxing but also for my aches and pains in my muscles. I went in the day after an intense workout and to my amazement i felt great. I wish i knew about this” little find” years ago. So I’m now adding this to my weekly routine. She even has a tv in there , very comfortable. Thanks so much for the work that you do!

– Steven

To me, getting a colonic is better than winning the lottery!

– Samantha

I had been struggling with low energy, brain fog, weight gain, constipation, and depression for months. I tried countless supplements and diets in hopes to feel better with very little improvement. After two sessions at Aria Wellness I feel like a new person, with newfound energy and passion for life. Very grateful.

– Anonymous

I had heard about colonics from time to time but since i was pretty regular i never thought they were for me. I had gone into my dentist to have some work done, changing out old filling for new and improved and a dreaded root canal. At my surprise the dentist talked about how the mercery needed to be detoxed from my body and to make sure i was for lack of better words, eliminating properly. So i went ahead and made the appointment with Aria Wellness. Tonya made it so easy , Made an uncomfortable situation feel ok. I did a series of 3 and…… WoW let me tell you regardless of the detox benefits , I felt Great! Im now a believer and will keep up with monthly maintenance.

– Michael J.

Aria Wellness is an invaluable service that recently was a lifesaver for me. I was very sick with an upper respiratory infection, and a cold i just couldn’t shake. . Ridding my body of the load of mucus put me back on the path to health! Tonya is a gem: compassionate, attentive and generous. She has a healing way about her that is a great comfort. I always know I will feel much better after visiting Aria Wellness! Hurrah for Hydrotherapy!

– Anonymous

I was nervous, but Tonya took the time to answer all my questions possibly even twice before I did my colonic. And she explained everything. It was a lot easier than I thought.

– Bonnie S.

Tonya is educated and explained everything to me in detail, including information about a healthier lifestyle. I would like to share my experience with everyone. What I thought before my colonics was false, perhaps due to my own inexperienced thought process or because of misleading /inaccurate information from society and the media. The room is private and has a relaxing “feel” to it. Feels more like a spa treatment , I was covered at all times! She explained how to use the equipment and took the time for all my nervous questions. I was never exposed and that was huge for me.

During the colonic I was relaxed and comfortable. In fact, I almost fell asleep with the relaxation music, warm room, and dim lighting. I felt significant relief from abdominal bloating and discomfort after the colonic! Even later that night i was surprised at my energy level.

– Kim H.

This has been the answer to my years of discomfort. I have had  a great deal of discomfort due to  Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Constipation in the past 10 years. However, since receiving colonics, I am feeling better and healthier and I have found relief here at Aria Wellness in Arizona. I am also noticing that its helping my body feel like it wants to eliminate on its own more than ever before!

– B. Lang

I’m so glad I decided to try colonics. Immediately after my first colonics sessions, my gut feels so much better ! Over time, I noticed I digest food better, have less gas and bloating, feel more energetic, and my skin is becoming clearer. I thank Tonya for her professionalism during colonics sessions, and the knowledge she’s given me on improving my digestive system and ridding my body of toxins. Wish I knew about colonics earlier in my life, but now that I know, it will be a regular part of the rest of my life!

– LM

I found Tanya divinely, as I really wanted a Healer that used the Angel of Water Colon-Hydro Therapy system. As a practicing Integrative Holistic Healer, I believe and use colonics regularly for maintaining health, for healing and self care. I recommend colonic to my clients, family and friends. With experience in open and closed systems, I only will use Angel of Water now for the past 5 years-it is by the most loving, easy and discreet method that truly provides wonderful detoxing results. Tanya’s practice, presence and loving nature won my heart and my business. I use her regularly, so does my family and I confidently recommend her frequently.

– Anna Quagliata

I was a little nervous about getting this done but the spa was very clean and inviting. Tonya did an amazing job explaining the process and what to expect . I feel there is a fine line between support and privacy. Tonya was incredible in making me feel comfortable with everything. I also wanted to mention the follow up post treatment was unexpected but very appreciated. I can’t to get back in and do it again and try all of the other experiences Aria Wellness offer. Great experience!!

– Scott Lewis

Tonya made this experience of cleansing very natural. Her place is immaculately clean and has a quiet calming vibe. I highly recommend it!

– Christine Sanchez

The colonic treatments are very beneficial for cleansing. I highly recommend Aria Wellness!

– Judith Amland

I met Tonya today and had a great experience having my first colonic session with her.  She was light and full of beautiful healing energy.  I have had colonics many times in the valley, but felt so comfortable in her space, her way of talking and walking me through her services.  She allows the client to guide the session and is very discreet. I bought future sessions.  Love her!!

– Annmarie Q.

Very professional and so friendly. I had a colonic and it was easy and I felt amazing afterwards.

– Jillian Wilson

Tonya is extremely knowledgeable in this field. I felt so comfortable during the first colonic that I had with her. She explained everything thoroughly and totally put me at ease. Her facility is spotless. Tonya operates a well-organized business & is very caring.

– Tracy Tapnell

I highly recommend Aria Wellness! Extremely clean and professional.

– Judy Amland

Aria Wellness of Arizona is a relaxing and calm environment thanks to the owner, Tonya. I’ve been going to Aria Wellness since April 2019 and have had excellent results with weekly colonics. As someone who has IBS and a distended colon, being able to relax and get the poop out has been a lifesaver!
On your first visit, Tonya will review your medical history and thoroughly explain the Angel of Water system and what to expect during the session. The nozzle is very small in diameter (pencil size); lubricant is provided as well as a sheet to cover your lower half. After you are seated/lying on your back on the Angel of Water device and have the nozzle in position and are covered with the sheet, press the call button located on the device and Tonya will come in and guide you through the process. She will stay with you as long as you need her there. If you are more comfortable with her out of the room, just press the call button when you need her to return. Basically, you’re filling yourself with warm water and holding it and then releasing it and repeating the process. You will see in front of you a tube with all the “poop/toxins” coming out and flushing down the drain. It’s gross and amazing at the same time. By the way, the room is well vented so no odor to worry about.
The first appointment is around 1.5 hours and subsequent appointments around 35-45 minutes. After your session, I recommend staying a few minutes to make sure everything is “out” and you don’t feel like you need to go anymore especially if you have a ways to drive! There are two bathrooms in the office for your use! Also, when you leave, Tonya will give you a bottle of electrolyte water to keep you hydrated.
I’m grateful for Tonya and her commitment to health and wellness and I highly recommend Aria Wellness of Arizona!

– Liza Ford

Tonya, is amazing at making you feel comfortable and welcome. She is very knowledgeable in her field and I highly recommend her services to my clients and friends.

– Clarence Ferguson

I have been going to Aria wellness for about a year now. I have dealt with years and years of IBS and digestion issues. On a recommendation from my chiropractor – I made a faithful decision to finally have a colonic. Folks let me tell you-that day changed my life. I am still on a journey to total wellness with my digestion and colon irritation but this is helping me heal. Tonya has much knowledge about the wellness journey and has been a wonderful support as I learn and continue with this process. I have used the Biomat, Chi and castor oil packs as well when my body needed more support. I am FOREVER changed and grateful to be on the path towards wellness with Aria and Tonya!

– Ann Bridges